Friday, October 2, 2009


October 3rd, 2009
Hello......It's October 3 and I'm still here! I'll tell you why.
This month I'm to visit my cousins in Tennessee while I'm waiting for my oldest lad's grad ceremony November 9th. I'm wandering around Victoria with my wheelie as the days just fly by...
This week I heard from 2 of my cousins, one in Chicago and one in Knoxville but there seems to be some hitch to our plans for a long-awaited reunion.Without going into too many details ,suffice it to say that I will probably be cancelling my trip to Tennesse (but not New Orleans) if I don't get the definitive go ahead within the next few days...As I stated earlier, I'm to spend a few days in New Orleans the last 2 weeks in October and bang some nails for Habitat For Humanity...I've touched base with their volunteeer coordinators this week and secured decent digs at the India House Hostel which looks to me like where the winter party just might begin so over this weekend I will figure out finally how to proceed.
When I first started organizing my travel plans for this winter my son was still going to University and the grad ceremony wasn't much more than a future eventuality... I'm very proud of him for finishing up this summer and wouldn't think of missing his convocation!
My family in Tennessee and I had loosely arranged a reunion in October so my plan was to piggy back the trip to Tennessee and then journey directly to Mexico in order to begin my southern sojourn through the central american countries and on into northern South America...

I dare not venture too far south before November because I run the risk of not making it back for the grad and that would definitely be a family faux pas and all of you with kids know exactly what I'm talking about don't you?
So, when I finally get on the road my blog missives will start to come fast and furious as each day will reveal a new horizon and there will be plenty to write about. As it stands right now there's really not too much to write about ,or at least nothing I want to write about. The weather's starting to change and as I'm going south I'm making every effort to leave my winter clothes in storage. I'm fighting a losing battle though......

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