Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, after my scare on Saturday at the travel clinic,I'm a little more relaxed about going...Looks like I won't be leaving for Central America til around November 10th after my oldest son's grad ceremony. I can't miss that for the world..I'd never live down the ignominy of being the black sheep of the family...Oh...where's Dad?...Uhhh don't know..he's off finding himself somewhere in Central America...(Actually you will be able to find me right here every day...writing to you about my travels...)
It seems that Central America is a toxic stew of chemicals, killer bugs ,deadly diseases (which can surface A YEAR after you return!?!)and corrupt officials with a handful of gimme and a mouthful of much obliged. Every time you take a step forward your life is placed in unseen hands of fate .Even when you sleep you can wake up dead!!!...Ok,I exaggerate but that's exactly how I felt when I left the clinic...Being a transplant recipient has its challenges but I certainly don't wish to be foolhardy for the sake of spending a few weeks in a warm climate...At the same time though I don't want to just sit on a beach or at a resort wondering what the real country looks like...
I guess I'll have to just temper my travel plans with common sense and knowledge -a -forethought,keep my eyes and ears open and use my intuition all at the same time..
Tomorrow I'm going to visit with some friends that have spent a lot of time down there in Mexico and beyond and I'm sure I'll come away with a much better understanding of what I'm getting into...It's all about communication really isn't it...The more people you talk to the clearer the understanding of where you are going and...what you're doing too...
I got an email from friends in Panama just today with places to go ...even the bus from Mexico to Panama looks friendly and inviting...
This is perhaps the most important tidbit of information I've received so far (aside from the scare tactics of the travel nurse)but first class bus (with toilets and AC from Tapachula in southern Mexico to Panama City is $246.00... .....a long way..That's over 1000miles...not bad and if I break it up over time it's extremely affordable...Now if i can just be guaranteed sober drivers and no hijackers I'll be just fine....Antigua Guatemala has many great restaurants and cheap hotels and hostels...Funny how none of my friends who've been there ever mention the hostile environment the travel nurse mentioned...same with Granada Nicaragua. Apparently Hotel Oasis in Granada 's really nice...Gonna check that one
out...www.nicaraguahostels.com...leon is very beautiful according to my Panama friends..i've done a little research on it and it's home to several universities ..lots of poets and artists live there.In Costa Rica, Samara beach is supposed to be nice with Carillo Beach just next door (http://www.samarabeach.com)..and/
That, my friends is all before I get to Panama, Colombia and Ecuador...my ultimate destination....on this trip...

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Paul Dorsey said...

Dave, on that amazing bus journey to Panama, do you think you could find time for a side trip to Xilitla, where there's a surrealist's folly/fantasy built in the jungle? This is Las Pozas, one-time home of Edward James, who was a patron of Dali and Magritte. Read about it on my Dali biography website: http://daliplanet.blogsome.com/2008/06/30/south-of-the-border/
I'd love to get a first-hand account and lots of pictures.